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System Integration

System Cooperation in Large Buildings

Complicated systems of various technologies are at the heart of large buildings and we are prepared to become their part as specialists in the field of lighting control

We will connect our perfect lighting solution in the form of a lighting control system with building managements systems on many standardized communication platforms thanks to our long-term experience (BACnet, OPC, Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, Echelon, Enocean). We use the Niagara interface by TRIDIUM, developed in cooperation with Helvar.

We can prepare an integrated solution for large buildings – the lighting is operated by an exclusive system, maximally efficient and reliable in regulation, energy savings, control and maintenance. However, it is as comprehensible as HVAC, EZS, EPS, ACS or CCTV for operation and setting thanks to the full-valued communication into BMS. Thanks to the integration, the systems cooperate so that the building functions as a perfect “live organism” where one organ supports the other!

Contact us and we will prepare a custom-made solution for your building!