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Apartments, family homes, villas, residential houses and residential projects

Lighting control systems including integration of other technologies in residential installation require an individual approach to the design as each client in this sphere has unique needs and expectations of the system.

The Niko Home Control system is the solution for residential projects, developed and manufactured by Niko, a Belgian company. At present, it is the absolute top amongst producers of switches and sockets and thanks to Niko Home Control, the Company has also become a leader in the intelligent household systems.

Niko Home Control instalation

Niko used its rich and valuable experience for the development of this brand new control system that takes into account the energy-efficient trend, both in the field of lighting, shading, heating and cooling as well as in the system as such. What is important: the system itself is energy efficient!

Since the client as a user has the utmost priority for Niko, the philosophy of the control elements of the Niko Home Control system was completely changed. The company developed maximally simple switches with enormous possibilities based on the result of an ergonomic survey of a large group of people. Users are not forced to think, the switch leads the user to the goal whether he wants to switch on a light, close the blinds in the house or activate the function of central shut-down of the house.

main rezidention nico combined

The result is perfect and comprehensible for all generations because Niko knows that complicated systems scare and discourage users!

Thanks to the modern platform of the Niko Home Control the system can be controlled and monitored using tablets or smart phones, whether you are at home or on the other side of the Earth! You can download the application for free today.

The users of Niko Home Control will also be satisfied when it comes to design. Thanks to the unique four model series of frames, the control keys can become a luxurious addition to the interior that will also please the eye of the owner.

Niko Home Control = Your Home under Control!