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Light Fixture Components

We are a solid foundation for every luminaire!

We provide an integrated offer of  components for producers of light fixtures, wholesale and electrical engineering companies.

We have a technical department available to our clients to provide advice regarding compatibility and suitability of use and application of the components. We also develop our own solutions, particularly for the application of the new LED source technology so that each client receives an appropriate custom-made solution!

Supplied brands

We deliver time-tested products of leading global producers only, to meet the demanding technical requirements of our clients. 

Since we have our own warehouses, most components are available upon request!


Our own development 

Lighting technology, production of light fixtures and lighting control are highly specialized branches where it is not possible to commercially succeed without a solid technical background. DNA is aware of that and thus we always strive to provide our clients with the best technological solution that also corresponds to the latest trends in the industry. For instance, in the LED branch, we develop and produce custom-made solutions for our clients!