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Lighting Control, Integration

Energy efficiency of buildings in the commercial environment, whether it is an office building, a production plant, a school or a community or shopping centre, is in the first place nowadays. Thanks to that almost all building constructions include control systems and systems for lighting control. The Helvar technology is a global leader in meeting such requirements.

To provide a simple presentation of the expression of the original idea of an architect by exterior or interior lighting of a building, architectural lighting control is a required accessory that we provide as a part of the modern illumination of buildings. 

The dimming feature of modern lighting fittings helps create a pleasant environment in our homes; therefore we pay a lot of attention to residential systems. Control systems appear in our everyday lives more and more often thanks to the technology for heating, air-conditioning or shading control.

Large buildings today contain various control systems due to the demanding power requirements and advanced technology, such as heating, shading, fire alarms and also lighting. Building owners need to have a simple instrument to operate and control such technologies, which we are fully aware of. Therefore, we endeavour to facilitate and make the technological “life” of a building maximally efficient using system integration.