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Light Fixture Components

Our Suppliers

We only deliver time-tested products of leading global producers to meet the demanding technical requirements of our clients. Since we have our own warehouses, most components are available upon request!


A Finish producer of magnetic and electronic stabilizers for fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps and drivers for LED sources. It is one of the global leaders in this field. Helvar also has an independent division for lighting control systems based in England.


A German producer of passive components for light fixtures, particularly caps, sockets, terminal blocks and adapters. One of the BJB divisions also manufactures robotized wiring systems for production lines.


The Japanese producer of electronics is one of the leaders in the production of LED chips – SMD and COB LED.


MechaTronix is one of the largest manufacturers of passive and active condensers for LED applications. With more than 200 standard condensers, MechaTronix can cover most customer requirements for spot lights and wall lamps as well as for down lights from 30 to 20,000 lm. MechaTronix cooperates with all major manufacturers of LED chips, such as Bridgelux, Citizen, Philips, Osram, Tridonic or Vossloh Schwabe, and the Company is a member of the Zhaga Association. In addition to standard condensers for LED lighting, MechaTronix also offers customized condenser solutions that are manufactured by pressing, pressure casting and forging. The company also offers post-processing, such as CNC turning and milling, anodizing in various colours, screen printing and LED condenser assembly.


An Italian manufacturer of electronics for lighting systems, full name: Qualitron Archimede Electtronica. The company makes a wide range of low-voltage transformers for halogen sources, dimmers and a line of LED products including light sources, LED strips, current and voltage driversRGB control and electronic stabilizers for fluorescent lamps.


A Spanish producer of electronic stabilizers for sodium discharge lamps, specializing in savings in the street lighting management.


A traditional Spanish producer of ballasts, starters and igniters for fluorescent lamps and discharge light sources.


A Polish producer specializing in emergency lighting, especially in the production of emergency invertors for fluorescent lamps and LED sources. They also deliver and develop central battery systems for emergency lighting for large buildings.


A leading global manufacturer of cables with a long tradition