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Light Fixture Components

List of Components

One of the most important components of light fixtures is the cap for mounting the light source and connecting it to the power supply. As the exclusive distributor of BJB, a German producer, we deliver the complete assortment of sockets for light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps, including connectors for COB LED chips. We offer various alternatives for various environments.

The connection of the light fixture to the power supply is also important: terminal blocks, connectors and switches. Again, these are BJB components. Our portfolio also includes fuse clamps, caps for capacitors and starters by BJB.

Each type of light source requires a different series device. We deliver such components as a certified partner of the Finnish leader, Helvar. These include standard ballasts for fluorescent lamps and discharge lamps, including starters and igniters. However, the most important today are electronic stabilizers for fluorescent and discharge lamps. Our portfolio includes standard as well as dimmable ones, both analogue (1–10V) and digital with the DALI protocol.

Lighting control is an independent chapter of the Helvar products that starts with simple components mounted directly into the light fixture in the form of movement sensors, constant value regulation sensors or a combination of both in the form of a multi-sensor.

The fast-growing branch of LED technology application in light fixtures is building a brand new field in the lighting technology. We endeavour to deliver integrated solutions and we build the concept gradually with the newly emerging trends. The SMD LED chips and COB LED we deliver are made by Japanese Citizen. According to the requirements of the individual light fixture producers, we are able to design and deliver customized solutions in the form of LED modules. For power supply of the modules and COB chips, we offer current drivers by Helvar. We can deliver a wide range of drivers, from non-dimmable to drivers controlled by the DALI protocol.

We also deliver LED technology in the form of sources, strips, current and voltage drivers and RGB technology by Italian QLT. This producer also provides the complete assortment of transformers for low voltage of various capacity and versions, whether electronic, magnetic, dimmable etc.

A wide product line of ballasts and igniters for discharge light sources are supplied by Spanish Layrton. We are also able to deliver products by Spanish Lumtec in case of a requirement for a special sophisticated solution for sodium discharge lamps and their control by the astronomic clock in the form of electronic stabilizers, particularly for street lighting.

Our product portfolio also includes a wide range of various versions of capacitors for compensation of light fixtures and for motor start-up.

As lights in everyday life are not only used to provide optimal illumination but often can save our lives, emergency lighting is an important element of the lighting technology. In this segment, we deliver emergency invertors for light fixtures and central battery systems by Awex, a leading Polish manufacturer. These products mainly include power supply for light fixtures with fluorescent and LED lamps in the emergency mode.

To make our product portfolio complete and unique on the market, we also deliver conductors by KABLO Vrchlabí to producers of light fixtures.