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LED-Driver that takes the usability in independent luminaires to completely new level (10.07.2018)

To celebrate Finnish midsummer we’re today Releasing to Sales the 2nd product from SE-Platform and introducing new convenient mechanical variant to Helvar LED-Driver family called LOOP.
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New COB by CITIZEN with Ra90 and Ra97 with emphasis on the “quality of lighting” (30.11.2013)

Description: Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. introduces three new COB LEDs to the market with a high colour rendition index.
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New COB Citizen Electronics Calculator

New COB Citizen Electronics Calculator (10.11.2013)

This includes new types of COB with the colour rendition index min. Ra90 and also the most efficient chip CLL052-1825 with max flow of up to 23,549 lm for Ra min. 65, Tc 5000K.
Citizen Calculator in XLS (170 kB)