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LED-Driver that takes the usability in independent luminaires to completely new level
To celebrate Finnish midsummer we’re today Releasing to Sales the 2nd product from SE-Platform and introducing new convenient mechanical variant to Helvar LED-Driver family called LOOP.

51W220 240V

Helvar LC51SE-CC-900-1400-LOOP takes the usability of LED-Drivers in independent luminaires to completely new level. This Constant Current SELV60driver comes with integrated strain reliefs and screwless clamps which make installation super easy and fast. Double connectors in the INPUT side enables looping of wires up to 2,5mm2 diameter, hence the name “LOOP”. LC51SE-CC-900-1400-LOOP is a Class I LED-Driver and it fits perfectly with Class I, II and III (SELV) luminaire parts in independent installation. For i.e. LED-Panels and Downlights LC51SE-CC-900-1400-LOOP is the #1 choice!

Besides cool mechanics LC51SE-CC-900-1400-LOOP comes with awesome specifications and features. Lifetime up to 100000hrs, very low current ripple <1% (comply with IEEE 1789) and high efficiency up to 90% are few highlights of LC51SE-CC-900-1400-LOOP. Output Current can be set from 900mA to 1400mA with LED-Iset resistors which are adjusted according to LEDSet specification and fixed current of 1200mA comes directly from connectors. With double/reinforced insulation and maximum Uout out of 60V (ULED 25-54V) LC51SE-CC-900-1400-LOOP meets the SELV requirements.

To learn more about LC51SE-CC-900-1400-LOOP please check the attached datasheet and short Youtube video about LOOPing wiring:

You can also find LC51SE-CC-900-1400-LOOP from and it will soon be available at LEDesign tool.


Datasheet to download