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  • Most Components IN STOCKMost Components IN STOCKThe company owns a well supplied warehouse that provides a timely delivery of your goods to the required destination.
  • Customized SERVICECustomized SERVICEYou will definitely appreciate our rich experience in the field of lighting technology and control systems at the Technical Department that is always available to provide design and consultancy and to set the products we deliver.
  • 25 Years on the Czech Market25 Years on the Czech MarketWe have been offering top-quality services and a reliable product line for businesses and end consumers for 25 years! We transform our long-term experience in the field of lighting technology into everyday service just for you.
  • The Only Company of Its Kind in the Czech RepublicThe Only Company of Its Kind in the Czech RepublicAn integrated assortment of components for producers of light fixtures including design, consultancy and service under one roof! From individual elements of lighting technology to integrated control systems.
We offer complete sortiment of components for lighting fittings, building management systems and power factor compensation

DNA Central Europe

We are a business firm operating the field of lighting technology, control systems and power engineering for more than 25 years.

The history of DNA CENTRAL EUROPE spol. s r.o. started in 1993 when the production of capacitors for the power factor compensation of lighting fittings and motors was launched in the former seat of the Company in Nehvizdy. When the production ended in 1999, the Company became a supplier of all components for producers of light fixtures. The Company has its own warehouse and a technical department for this purpose.

In the field of series devices and control systems, we are a certified partner of Helvar, a leading global producer. 

DNA Energie

In 1996, two subsidiaries of DNA Energie spol. s r.o. where established to specialize in the power factor compensation in power engineering.

DNA Slovakia

DNA Slovakia spol. s r.o.operates in Slovakia and the Company follows the activity of both business firms in the Czech Republic.